Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hang in there folks...

Still messing around with this blog thing and all, but surely by this weekend I will start reviewing Godzilla movies and other products of Toho for your enjoyment. Thanks for your patience.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Caution Construction Ahead!

Hey everybody, sorry about the blog right now, trying to fix and figure out everything so things are constantly changing, but hopefully soon enough this construction will be finished...hang in there (inspiration).

Welcome one and all!

Yeah so this is my first blog ever, bear with me here, but it will be a great one. Anyway if you could not figure out what my blog is going to be about by now then I guess I'll tell you...it is gonna be about GOZIIRRRAAA! Everything Godzilla from hard-hitting facts, to movie reviews, and upcoming Godzilla stuff that isn't even out yet...wow. I'm quite the G-fan myself, you can ask my friend Diorf, he can tell you all about that. Hopefully this blog will inform you with a lot of info about Godzilla, and that I can make it exciting enough  So yeah hope you like the site and please follow me, thanks.